The Warrior Pack Benefits

The Warrior Pack has a cost of 0.003 BTC and includes a list of great features that help you to earn money.

1. Double up your money

Once you purchase a Warrior Pack, it will expires once you double up your money (0.006 BTC)

2. Referral commissions

You will be able to earn commissions from 7 referral levels. Every time your referrals purchase a Warrior Pack, you will receive these benefits.

Level 1 => You earn 0.0005 BTC
Level 2 => You earn 0.0003 BTC
Level 3 => You earn 0.0002 BTC
Level 4 => You earn 0.0001 BTC
Level 5 => You earn 0.0001 BTC
Level 6 => You earn 0.0001 BTC
Level 7 => You earn 0.0001 BTC

3. Random money

Every time a member purchase a Warrior Pack, 7 random members with a Warrior Pack active will earn 0.0001 BTC. This means that you will earn money in passive mode.

4. Free advertising

You will receive 1000 Paid-To-Click credits to advertise your website.

5. The Warrior Membership

You will receive The Warrior Membership and it will expires when your Warrior Pack expires, this membership includes multiple benefits like earn 10% of referral commission in The Game, 10% of referral commission in advertising purchases.

6. Free referrals

When a member without upline register to our site, the system choose a Warrior Member randomly and assign it as direct referral. Using this option you can fill easily the 7 referral levels.

7. Money back guarantee

If you can not earn from any of our previous methods, we offer you 1% daily for 100 days, so you can get your money back.

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